Genre as a Psychiatric Security

Genre as a Psychiatric Security

Through variation of the shape that matches the
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014color on the feeling that no one individual, language can also be used as a conduit mental stress. In his life, a person afflicted individuals often feel heavy, deep thoughts, and a desire to do something hard. If only things that infest it can be expressed, and sometimes people feel relieved. Feeling pressure and the other was to be reduced. But conversely, if it is not said to others, if only to be detained only in yourself, too loud burst of emotion that can arise.

In terms of whether that channel the thoughts and feelings of pressure? In terms of expression. When that language can be spoken in accordance with the thoughts or feelings, the speech that was already performing its functions as the dealer’s feelings and thoughts.

8. Language as a Mirror of Culture

There is a Malay proverb that reads the language suggests the nation. That is, among others, is that politeness is contained in the language often reflects a high level of civilization of a nation, or the high dignity of a person.

In short, it can be said that there are some things of language that can be used to mark the advance and retreat of the culture of a nation. Treasury elements of phonology and morphosyntax would not be used as a mirror of the cultural progress. But the vocabulary and idioms clearly reflects the ideas and experiences ever and being internalized by a nation. In addition to vocabulary, said such a wide variety of variations, dialects, speech level, special registers, genres and formats that exist in the system in a language that was well reflect what is experienced by the people in the various aspects of life.

Variety said reflects customary manners of the nation with respect to his attitudes toward a variety of events and situations speak. Dialect reflects community groups that make up the nation. Speech level reflects customary courtesy in connection with various social status held by members of the community. Special registers reflecting material which usually dipercakapkan by the people, and also the intention and the will that is usually communicated and internalized by the nation. Format how to speak said that reflects a variety of means owned by the nation. Furthermore, a genre that usually reflect a variety of emotions emanating from the speakers themselves.

By observing the language used by the community, usually we may describe how the development of civilization was the owner of the nation.
- Characteristically sensitive, deep-minded.

- Clever take care of others.

- Silent but has been stimulated.

- Somewhat shy and crave pedestal that can be trusted.

- Easy to discipline themselves.

- The body healthy but vulnerable to influenza.

- Be romantic but not very good at showing it off or

Women who have physical characteristics

Women who have physical characteristics: Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia good body, though small chested, but contain dense. Thick eyebrows, small mouth with sensual lips. Tmpak sexy hips contain. Women like this usually Physically, he is very attractive. But personally, he was not a cheerful woman, tend pemuram and pessimistic. He more often frown than to laugh and smile. Wonder if she looks older than her age. In terms of romance, it is not as attractive appearance. But for men who are selfish and need speed, this woman could be a suitable partner. Moreover, The Lotus is not the type of claimant sway. Women like this are often called by Lotus Swaying

Flowers Beautiful women who have this designation tall body with large breasts into his stomach so that it looks beautiful. His legs were too long, if sitting is often superimposed with one another, and if run swing swing. Her skin is white, round-faced, his eyes like a beautiful winked. In physical terms, this woman seemed ideal. And he was the type of woman who are faithful, devoted to her partner, even the most willing to not care about their partner had WIL. Indeed, despite the physical and behavior of the men invited desire, but not the sexual reaction. He was the kind of woman a cold, which is minimally in the romance though. He had had enough and peace that satisfied their material needs.

Type an intelligent woman, the words chosen and attentive. He is the type of good friends. Frank dislike, make cold affair if their partner did not catch if he wishes. This pearl women would rather give sign language, so that the man should be sensitive and responsive. He is actually a good lover, though a small passion. But open means there is no happiness, you know. Women who have such properties usually called Seduce Pearl, and usually has a woman’s allure pearl Physical characteristics: Height with back slightly bent, but small breasted. Long neck, forehead, mouth wide, and from a distance looks alluring.

Sri Tumurun that’s a term for women who have physical characteristics; tall body, long legs, thin chest. Round face, long legs, thin chest. His face was round, wide mouth, thick lips, limp hair, big heels. Although women like these tall, sex appeal is low. It was more interesting to be friends because he was friendly, polite and intelligent speech. Actually, she was a good wife type because the type of fertile and blessing. In Javanese culture, he is the incarnation of Sri, Lord Paddy. But the romance though, women tend Sri cold, even Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia frigid. Male partner is often made because it irritated and annoyed. And Sri did not really care.

Technical Guidelines for Aquaculture

Technical Guidelines for Aquaculture
propagation of plants
Generally , mango plants propagated by grafting , although it can also be the continued bud and graft . Used as rootstock seedling mango honey , Cengkir ( indramayu ) , and bapang . The use of seeds from seed is not justified , except for
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercayarootstock . Rootstock mismatched ( incompatible ) unfavorable effect on growth and fertilization ( production of fruit , fruit shape , fruit and meat flavors ) scions . Preparation of seedlings ( seedlings and grafting ) is usually carried out directly in the garden . Then , transferred to polybags after shoots about 20 cm high .

- Seedlings planted in the planting hole measuring 60 cm x 60 cm x 50 cm with a spacing of 8-12 m .
- Any given manure pit that has so much as a used kerosene tin 1-2 or 20 kg .
- Grafting seedlings grown on land after reaching a height of over 75 cm .

Artificial fertilizers are given a mixture of 200 kg of urea , 500 kg TSP ( 667 kg SP - 36 ) , and 150 kg KCl per hectare or 200 g of urea , 500 g TSP , and 150 g of KCl per plant . Fertilization is done four times with an interval of three months . The dose is increased according to the age of the plant .

After reaching a height of 1 m , seedling growth trimmed to the border areas to be highly branched . This branch maintained 2-3 buds per branch . Repeated trimming after the new branch reaches a length of 1 m , and so on to obtain branch 1-3-9 arrangement .

Pest and Disease Control
Pests that are troubling stem borer ( Cryptorrhynchus sp ) and beetles cicade ( Idiocerus niueosparsus ) . Insect pests are very destructive suction Idiocerus mango flower
The low number of female flowers with fertilization by pollen weak . Insect attack ( BPH ) causes a low mango production . These pests can be overcome with a systemic insecticide spray Tamaron 0.2 % . Provision of insecticide through the infusion is preferable to avoid the bad influence of the beetle pollinators .

Diseases are often attacked , especially in the wetter areas are blendok disease ( lh’plodia sp . ) , Dieback ( Gloeosporium sp . ) , And postharvest disease ( Botryodiplodia sp ) which causes rapid mango fruit rot at the base .
However , the disease can also attack the stems connection mango seed when environmental conditions plants moist and cool . Diplodia very damaging attack stems can be overcome by applying a solution of 0.3 % Benlate or lisol 20-50 % at the wound has been cleaned first .

Harvest and Post Harvest
Mango fruit harvested after the old right . Characteristics are as follows :
- The base of the fruit has swelled average
- The color begins to turn yellow .
Collection of ripe fruit that has not led to a rather sour taste and chelating ( low quality ) . Age of fruit harvested approximately 4-5 months ( 110-150 days) after anthesis ( anthesis ) . The flush should be careful , must not fall , and the gum should not be on the mango fruit .
Generally , mango flowering plants in July-August . Ripe fruit can be harvested in September-December . The fruit must be cleaned of fleas , soot , and the sap that sticks .

Mango orchard must meet the following requirements :

Water supply should be sufficient .
Spared from flooding and stagnant water .
Aeration and good drainage .
soil pH between 5.5-6.5 .
Soil fertile , friable , contains a lot of organic matter .
Solum layer deep enough or more than 150 cm .
Regarding the contours of the land does not become lopsided persoalan.lahan better than flat land AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAat all .